Socialize, Don’t Sell

Social Media is just that, social!

When I was in college and first entered the world of social media, a new addiction was born. Never before could you so quickly discover who was living where, who had married whom, and everywhere your ex had gone the day before. I wouldn’t have believed you had I been told then that the likes of Starbucks, Staples and Toms (nary a twinkle in the eye of its founder) would be on today’s favoritestofollow list. I never would have imagined that nearly every business you can think of would have a social media presence. But such is the case, and now, more than ever before, your business must be social. 



I think there is still some confusion lingering out there amongst business owners that social media should be treated like free advertising. This is a dangerous and slippery slope. Yes, it is free; yes, you should use it to your full advantage; but for the good of your business, do it properly! Facebook is not a place for you to post only offers, spectacular as they may be. Your Twitter feed should consist of more than just “25% off if you call today!” The danger in that approach is that you lose the beautiful connection that can be made with your customer. 

Your goal for all social media interaction should be to help your customers get to know your company, its people, and its heartbeat. On social media you are not selling your product, you are helping your target market get to know the why behind what you do. People often do not attach themselves strongly to or identify with a thing or a product, but if you sell your mission, you’ll have a customer for life. Bring your company to life, like a moving, breathing entity that people will connect with … a friend. 

You’ve Got a Friend

company-to-lifeLike any good friendship, social interactions with your customers should be balanced. No one likes friends who talk only of themselves and what they have to offer. Mix up your posts with pictures, quotes, links and more. Alternate between humor and motivation. Give them information you feel would add value to their lives. 

A quick and easy way to bring life to your feed is by posting pictures of your team. Depending on the size of your staff, you could even do a monthly team member spotlight so your customers can put a face with the name in that email signature. At Juice, we’ve had success posting weekly quotes and holiday greetings. Think outside the box and show your company’s personality!

What’s Working

One of the best things about social media is the ease of tracking your results. If one day you post an offer that gets little to no interaction and the next day, your quote is going like wildfire, learn and repeat! Figure out what your audience likes best and perfect it, all while maintaining variation. 

You can also learn so much from companies, big or small, who are doing it well. Branch out and give a follow to some brands who are knocking it out of the park with social media. This Forbes article is a good place to start. 

As you step into the world of socializing, not selling, your first sale is your introduction, your social media interaction is often everything that follows. So build that friendship, share a laugh, make them think, and keep a customer for life.