Many of us have goals in mind, but there’s something powerful about writing down your goals. I didn’t believe it at first, but I have had a change of heart. Consider doing this:

  1. Write down four goals – They can be as simple as investing in your office space with an ergonomic chair (yes that was one of my goals).
  2. Put your goals on your calendar – If you write your four goals today (Feb. 8), write them down as your things to do for March 8 (a month from today).
  3. Go about your life

When you get to your monthly check-in on March 8, one of two things should happen:  you realize where you are in making that goal a reality so you know what’s needed to make it happen in the future; OR you smile big knowing that you achieved one of your goals!

It may sound corny but having your goals in writing helps your mind work toward it even when you’re not realizing it. It’s that powerful. With my goals:

Goal 1 – completed within the first month
Goal 2 – completed within two months
Goal 3 – added that after completing Goal 2 and completed it six months later
Goals 4 & 5 – still working on these but getting closer (it’s been eight months)

And one more tip … when you put your goals on your calendar for April 8, include the goal(s) you completed in parentheses. That helps remind you of what you accomplished already and that this can be done, even if it takes time. Take advantage of the written goal.