Design Projects - the fine print


To keep the price to you, our client, as cost effective as possible, we provide one initial concept for your project. We ask a variety of questions, some prior to the proposal and some may be after the proposal, so we can get the necessary insight to design that one initial concept.

There are times when you may want more than one initial concept. Whenever that is the case, please let us know so we may adjust the proposal to include two, three or more initial concepts.


Question: What if Juice provides you with one initial concept based on the information originally provided, but you have another design direction you’d like to pursue?

Answer: Since the proposal only included one initial concept and the new design direction requires a completely new design, we will notify you of the cost involved for the second initial design concept before we proceed.

Our logo projects often include multiple initial concepts, and the price for logo design accounts for that. It will state on the logo proposal how many initial concepts are included in the quoted price.


Unless otherwise stated, design projects come with up to two rounds of revision to the initial concept. If you require more revisions beyond two rounds of revisions, the additional cost will depend on the depth of changes needed.


A design project is considered completed when you, our client, approve the proof.

Although most of our clients do provide feedback and/or approval after we provide the proof, there are times when that does not happen. We understand that everyone gets busy, so we may need to reach out to you a couple of times for feedback and/or approval. After the third time we contact you, if we have not received your reply with your feedback and/or approval within two weeks, we will deem the design project approved and completed.


Upon completion of the design project, we will email you an invoice. Payment is due within 14 calendar days. We accept check, credit card, and PayPal payments.


We understand that life takes unexpected turns. If you provided us with your approval to create a design for you and for whatever reason you need to indefinitely pause or stop the project, Juice will invoice you for the work completed up through your notification to us.


Once you have completed a design project with Juice, you may request the art files. This is officially called “collecting the files” and there is a fee to do that due to the time involved. Note that Juice works with graphic design software such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator (to name a few), so if you do request the files, you will need graphic design software to open and manipulate the files.


Assets may include the photos, illustrations, and fonts used in your design project. The specific assets used to design your project are not individually provided to you.


Question: Juice designed a postcard for you. May you have the photo that was used on the front of the postcard so you can design something else on your own?

Answer: Our licensing agreement with image providers only permits us to work with the images we secure from them. We are not permitted to send you those individual images/assets. Instead, you may opt to purchase the image directly from that image provider so you may use it for a non-Juice-related project.

Question: Juice designed a postcard for you. May you use that same photo in the next project Juice designs for you?

Answer: Definitely. If Juice is designing the projects for you, we can use that same photo from the image provider.

Bottomline: Juice needs to adhere to the licensing agreement with our image providers.


Should you have any question prior to, during, or after a design project, please do let us know. We are here to help!