Why You Should Pay Attention to “User Experience” on a Website

Building a website has become very complex. Well, let me restate that … building a GOOD website has become complex. Now that websites are viewed on so many different devices, website builders have to keep many things in mind all the time, such as: Does the page look good on a computer, a tablet, and […]

Stop asking questions in your marketing headlines!

Some people might get mad at me about this post, but I’m not going to apologize. I’m on a one-man quest to rid marketing and advertising headlines of questions, and here’s where I’m going to explain the “science” behind my stance on this topic. First of all, a term … Headline = The usually short phrase, […]

Your website has been hacked, and you didn’t even know it!

“Your website has been hacked, and you didn’t even know it!” Unfortunately, that’s the news that I’ve had to deliver to quite a few clients lately who host their websites on “shared” web hosting services, or hosting companies that do not actively update their clients’ websites. Most recently, I was moving a client’s website to […]

Is WordPress Safe?

If you have built or are thinking about building a WordPress website, in light of the recent increase in website hackings, you have to ask yourself this question: Is it safe to build my website using WordPress? Yes … but. So the answer is yes … but there are some new recommendations for owning a […]

Building Websites: DIY vs. Freelancer vs. Agency

Obviously, I’m partial to one of the options posed in this blog post, but I’m going to give you an objective look at the different ways you can go about building a website. I’m also going to list some pros and cons for each so you make an informed decision if you are building a website […]

Is my WordPress website secure? 3 things to check.

Hi! It’s Eric Hicks, Web developer for Juice Marketing and Design, where we help business owners feel proud of their website! We’ve been getting a lot of emails from our clients lately inquiring about the security of their website. Apparently, there was a GoDaddy email that got sent around and it’s been talked about on […]

Top 3 Website Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

At Juice, we have two main goals when we build a website. First, we want the business owner to feel proud of their website. We’ve found that when a business owner is proud of their site, they get excited, their passion for their business gets re-ignited, and they go out and grow their business! Second, […]

So you have a website… now what? (step 2 of 6)

This is a continuation of my blog series titled: So you have a website… now what? In the last blog post, I talked about blogging as a simple way to keep your website updated so that people perceive your site as being up to date and actively maintained. Once you get into a routine of blogging periodically, […]

How Denny’s Reinvented Itself Through Positioning (And How You Can Too!)

I’m Eric Hicks, Director of Internet Marketing with Juice Marketing and Design. I help business owners feel proud of their websites! Today, I’m going to deviate from giving out great website and online marketing advice and tell you a story about how Denny’s (the restaurant chain) used good old marketing savvy to reinvent itself, subsequently […]