Case Study: Business Card Orders Made Easy

To help your business run smoothly, Juice offers business card order forms catered to your company/organization. Many of our clients love this feature because it keeps the process simple for them and produces high-quality business cards with minimal effort!

One of our clients, Molli with Branches Counseling Center, has used their personalized business card order form for a while. Here’s what she had to say about all the ways it’s impacted her organization.

Juice: Tell us about your organization.

Molli: Branches is a nonprofit, faith-based organization that offers mental health counseling, mental health medication management, and weight loss and wellness programs. We have five locations with a total of 30 employees.

Juice: What was your biggest business card challenge before working with Juice?

Molli: We had a few challenges. Uniformity was an issue—each location or employee had their own idea for layout and content. Employees were often unsure of the procedure to order new cards, and they weren’t sure who they needed to connect with to start the process.

We also had trouble with the timeliness of our print orders. Our standard printer didn’t seem to have a sense of urgency when printing new cards. Also, we struggled to get newly printed business cards to employees who worked outside our main office.

Juice: How did Juice’s business card order form address these challenges?

Molli: The online ordering form has solved all of these problems!

Juice is diligent about checking with me if there is any deviation between our standard and what our employee ordered. They also have a very quick turnaround! We often receive a response with proof within a few hours of our business card request. Cards are also shipped within a couple of days after we approve our orders.

All employees have access to our order form and order independently as their needs arise. Instead of only shipping to our main office, Juice ships all orders directly to each employee’s home or office.

Juice: Why do you trust Juice with your business card orders?

Molli: I trust Juice because they are very concerned with quality and deliver exactly what they promise.

Juice: Why should other organizations trust Juice?

Molli: Juice is experienced, and all their employees provide outstanding customer service and produce quality results.

If your business card process is causing you trouble, let us know. We’ll set up an easy-to-use business card order form to help you centralize and simplify your business card orders.