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video in business
10 July 2018

3 Key Elements for Successfully Using Video in Your Marketing

We’re excited to share a guest blog from Rob Walls, Owner/CEO of Varnish Films in Nashville, TN. Learn more about Varnish at

The way that we connect with potential customers has drastically changed in the last 10-20 years. Previously, video marketing was reserved for businesses with massive marketing budgets. You would hire a large production crew with expensive camera gear to produce a 15-, 30- or 60-second TV spot which you then paid another large amount of money to run as a TV commercial for six months to a year.

Now, regardless of how small (or large) your business, video can be and should be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. The cost of high-quality video production has decreased, and you are no longer limited to TV and film as a means for distributing that video content. Videos have been proven to increase sales, increase engagement, and build trust but only if they are done right.

Here are 3 Key Elements for Successfully Using Video in Your Marketing.

  1. Include high-quality content in your videos. We are part of the most marketed to generation in history and as a result, most of us mistrust anyone trying to sell us a product or service. You are an expert in your field and in order to build trust with potential customers, it is necessary to provide some worthwhile information that is helpful and demonstrates that you know what you are doing. This will show potential customers that you care about them and not just their money.
  2. Create a high volume of videos. Most online platforms are built on “scrolling” content which means that what you post today will be long gone to your followers by next week. Unless you are doing paid ads, they are only going to see what you post today. Which means that you need to be posting regularly. Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Distribute your videos in the right places. You need to know your audience and you need to know where they hang out online. If you are targeting baby boomers, it doesn’t make much sense to put a lot of effort into posting videos on Snapchat. If you are targeting men specifically, you probably wouldn’t want to give much attention to putting videos on Pinterest. Do some research to figure out the audience you are trying to reach and then post your videos in the places that they are most likely to see them.

If you aren’t using video in your marketing you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Don’t be afraid to start small. Make one simple video on your smartphone and post it on one social media site each week and then grow from there.