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05 May 2016

Small Business Week – Logo Color Adjustment, Postcards and Flyers

We love being involved in the start up of a new business. It’s such an exciting time and watching the elements of the business take shape is rewarding! That said, the start-up phase can be stressful for business owners. With numerous decisions to be made, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when it comes to marketing. That’s where we help! 

We guide you through your marketing projects, ensuring that everything is set with your branding and you know what to expect. We also can help determine which projects you should focus on first and advise regarding a marketing plan to announce your new business to potential customers. Jaime's SmBizWk 2

When we were contacted by Jaime’s Adult Day Centers, they already had their logo and were ready to start promoting their new business in Lutz. After a quick color adjustment to their logo to coordinate with the color scheme of their center, we moved on to producing postcards and flyers with a “coming soon” message. The EDDM postcards were delivered to mailboxes along specified mail routes in the area and invited potential clients to set up a tour of the new facility. This message allowed our client to start promoting their business even before the doors opened! 

It’s been a pleasure to assist with the initial marketing pieces for our client, and we’re excited to see how the business will grow from here! If you have aging loved ones who could benefit from a place to socialize, participate in activities, and be cared for during the day, give them a call at 813-263-6735 to learn more about their services.