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03 May 2016

Small Business Week – Responsive Website

At Juice, we take the time to know our clients, because it’s that knowledge that gives us the fouCorless SmBizWkndation to create what they need. For Corless Barfield, we built their new responsive website.

Our client had developed a new logo and was ready for a fresh, clean look for their new site. They had professional photography of their team of lawyers and for their headshots – we love to see our clients do this since it makes websites more dynamic and custom.

Some key goals for their new site included easy navigation and to communicate their message to their potential clients. They have videos in the works now too, and soon, we’ll be integrating their videos which will make the site even more powerful!

When you need an attorney to fight for you, they are a masterful team to make it happen. Contact Corless Barfield Trial Group to learn how they can help you.